Tympanometry – Middle ear health check

Tympanometry: A quick test to assess middle ear function and middle ear health. This quick objective test requires a compliant patient to sit quietly, with no swallowing or talking for a few moments. A sterilized probe tip is inserted into the entrance of the ear canal to obtain a well-fitting seal. A gentle flow of air then helps to gently move the eardrum and middle ear bones and a graph (tympanogram) is generated on the equipment’s screen. The test is performed prior to the hearing assessment and helps to rule out or confirm any underlying middle ear fluid (glue ear or middle ear infection) or changes in middle ear function.

Specialized tests include Eustachian Tube Function and Acoustic Reflex Tests.

Jenevieve’s patient centred approach is the real point of differentiation of Midland Hearing Care from other providers.  She believes in a patient first and product based intervention later approach.

Midland Hearing Care offers the following services;
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Outer Ear Examination (Otoscopy)
Middle Ear Health Check (Tympanometry)
Comprehensive Hearing Assessment (Children age 4+)
Hearing Assessment (Adults)
Tinnitus Assessment (Noise in the Ears)
Microsuction and Ear Irrigation Wax Removal
Specialist Custom Hearing Protection
Hearing Aid Consultation
E-Audiology (Remote Support Now Available)

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