Otoscopy – Outer Ear Examination

Otoscopy is the examination of the outer ear canal and eardrum (tympanic membrane) with an ear light or ‘otoscope’. The ear canal shape and unique anatomy is viewed and the Audiologist can see if there is any wax or foreign object blocking the ear canal. The overall health of the outer ear can also be determined in this manner.

Midland Hearing Care offers the following services;
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Outer Ear Examination (Otoscopy)
Middle Ear Health Check (Tympanometry)
Comprehensive Hearing Assessment (Children age 4+)
Hearing Assessment (Adults)
Tinnitus Assessment (Noise in the Ears)
Microsuction and Ear Irrigation Wax Removal
Specialist Custom Hearing Protection
Hearing Aid Consultation
E-Audiology (Remote Support Now Available)

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