E-Audiology – remote support now available

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Midland Hearing Care has set up an e-Audiology Remote Support service for hearing aid patients who may be suitable candidates for this specialised service.  Soon there will be no need for some of the patients to attend the Clinic, just schedule an e-Audiology appointment with the Audiologist and hearing aid adjustments can be made in real time through an App on a compatible smartphone.

Understandably, some patients will not have access to a smartphone, or the recommended hearing aid technology or may not feel comfortable with a virtual hearing aid consultation appointment, so the Clinic will still accommodate patient appointments in a traditional manner.

Phonak Remote Support provides a way for the Audiologist to stay connected with their Clinic’s patients via the My Phonak app and remotely provide patients with an efficient and effective virtual audiology hearing aid fine-tuning service in real-time.

This service is essential especially for patients who may have mobility issues, transportation difficulties, live far from the Clinic, have health concerns, or very busy schedules.

What does Jenevieve think about e-Audiology

With e-Audiology solutions, there is still an opportunity to maintain patient trust and deliver a quality patient-focused service in line with best practice standards. Technologically connected healthcare is here to stay, and it’s exciting to see audiologists embrace this new technology and successfully implement e-Audiology into their clinical practice, as it offers new opportunities for the patient, the Audiologist and ensures continued growth of the business.

E Audiology remote service

Jenevieve’s patient centred approach is the real point of differentiation of Midland Hearing Care from other providers.  She believes in a patient first and product based intervention later approach.

Midland Hearing Care offers the following services;
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E-Audiology (Remote Support Now Available)

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