About Midland Hearing Care

Midlands Audiology is headed up by Principal Audiologist Jenevieve Butler M.I.S.H.A.A & M.I.A.A.  Jenevieve is passionate about all things ear related and is also a qualified speech and language therapist.  She has worked in some of the top Audiology practices in Ireland and has a great range of experience in both public and private settings.


Jenevieve’s patient centred approach is the real point of differentiation of Midland Hearing Care from other providers.  She believes in a patient first and product based intervention later approach.

Midland Hearing Care offers the following services;
You can find out more by clicking on the links below:

Outer Ear Examination (Otoscopy)
Middle Ear Health Check (Tympanometry)
Comprehensive Hearing Assessment (Children age 4+)
Hearing Assessment (Adults)
Tinnitus Assessment (Noise in the Ears)
Microsuction and Ear Irrigation Wax Removal
Specialist Custom Hearing Protection
Hearing Aid Consultation
E-Audiology (Remote Support Now Available)

Find out what our patients have to say on our testimonials page.

Please Contact us, we would like to help you find a solution for your hearing problem.


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